We are a family owned and operated business in Cabo San Lucas BCS Mexico which has been providing nautical tours and adventures since 2010. The business was established by Señor Francisco, who is affectionately called “Pancho”. A nickname that gives honor to our boat named "Pancho Panza" - a rhyming word derived from the fictional character "Sancho Panza" - this watercraft is used to facilitate all our guests and their chosen "adventures”, which leads us to our trade name "Pancho Panza Adventures". The title characterizes our philosophy of developing our activities in a recreational and educational environment.

Our founder Francisco - whose face is embodied in our logo - has delegated the position to his stepson, Captain Luis, AKA “The Whale Whisperer”. The assignment is to preserve with integrity his enterprise perspective and to keep innovating in the small business sector marked by constant changes. We deploy our adventure services with a clear focus on high quality services and with devotion channeled into humane practices. We are also committed to protecting the environment while respecting the surroundings as well as the conservation of natural resources, focusing especially in marine protected areas where our five different tours are promoted in their respective modalities.

The time that Luis has invested in his profession allows him the opportunity to use his many skills and demonstrate his effective availability for those riding along with him. He is always ready to assist in any way necessary since the balance between the autonomy we granted him and his prudent decision making skills are his real strength, which makes him a reliable, honest and responsible Captain.

Our goal is that you can have a close encounter with nature by experiencing outdoor activities in an aquatic atmosphere aboard our private multipurpose vessel; our vessel meets all the sea safety requirements to navigate in open waters and therefore allows us to welcome each member in your group or family of all ages. So, if what you seek is to enjoy a responsible and sustainable tourism adventure by a reliably trained and aware staff, then do not hesitate because we are your best choice since you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the end result.

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Our skilled Captain Luis speaks English and has over a decade of work experience in the maritime community to vouch for him. He also has a certification of special competence issued by the port authority through the Harbor Master office.

We have certified crew:
Captain Jorge Luis Muñoz Garcia
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